Our 3rd Premiership Flag

After a 10 year gap, supporters of The Same Old (the nickname given to the team at that time) were very pleased to win the Premiership in 1911. To cap off the triumphant Premiership success, the Essendon Association team also won the flag in that competition to give that club its first Premiership success.

Jack Worrall had been appointed as coach at the start of the year, following success as coach of Carlton in winning three Premierships. He was a very versatile sportsman, having played football with Fitzroy, was a Test cricketer and captained the Victorian 11.

Players in this season were getting the benefit of a new VFL rule which allowed for players to be paid for the first time. Prior to this, many top players had been had been receiving payments under the lap but now was out in the open. How things have changed!

During the season Essendon had some great wins, including defeating Collingwood, the Premiers from the previous season by 85 points and StKilda by 120 points. In this game, rover Lou Armstrong kicked 8 goals which was the most goals kicked by an Essendon player to this time.

Essendon finished the home and away season on top of the ladder and had to play Carlton in the Second Semi Final and in front of 40,669 people defeated Carlton by 21 points, 9.15 to 6.12. This was the first game in which numbers were worn by players, with Essendon players having a small red number under the sash on the front of the jumper.

Essendon played Collingwood in the Grand Final and the day turned out to be quite wet giving Collingwood a distinct advantage, however after a hard fought game, Essendon won by 6 points 5.11 to 4.11.

The Premiership Team was made up of:

  • B.
  • H.B.
  • C.
  • H.F.
  • F.
  • R.
  • Vernon Hazel
  • Les White
  • Wally Chalmers
  • Patrick Shea
  • Jack Kirby
  • Fred Baring
  • William Griffith
  • William Busbridge
  • William Sewart
  • Lou Armstrong
  • Dave Smith
  • George McCleod
  • Dan Hanley
  • Len Bowe
  • Fred O’Shea
  • Percy Ogden
  • William Walker
  • Ern Cameron